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The Nemunas Delta, the Curonian Lagoon, Kniaupas Bay, the Lithuanian Venice, the largest Lithuanian
Island Rusnė, one of the oldest lighthouses in Lithuania, the only water pumping station in Lithuania with
steam turbine are just a few of the places to visit at the littoral. Having arrived here you can travel by
water, see very rare birds and aquatic animals listed in the Red Book, travel by boat around the Curonian
Lagoon and to Nida, enjoy the nature while riding bicycles to Ventė Cape. During educations you can taste
prussian meals, fish of the littoral. With our great experience we can ensure that our guests get the best
service for the best price and to the guest‘s needs. We will make sure you leave with only the most
beautiful memories. And what is good to remember needs to be repeated! Get to know the littoral with
„Villa Verdainė'' !

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